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Title: Современные социально–географические предпосылки занятости населения (на примере Украины и Черновицкой области)
Other Titles: Modern Socio–Geographic Prerequisites for Employment (on the example of Ukraine and the Chernivtsi Region)
Authors: Килинская, К.И.
Лопушняк, Л.В.
Kilinskaya, K.I.
Lospushnyak, L.V.
Keywords: Туризм
Занятость населения
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Пинск : Полесский государственный университет
Citation: Килинская, К. И. Современные социально-географические предпосылки занятости населения (на примере Украины и Черновицкой области) / К. И. Килинская, Л. В. Лопушняк // Туризм и гостеприимство: научно-практический журнал. - 2017. - № 2. - С. 60-67
Abstract: Employment of the population for the territory of Ukraine and its regions today is one of the key problems of socio–economic development of society. This issue is multifaceted for the border regions of Ukraine and especially for the territory of the Carpathian region, which includes the Chernivtsi region. Chernivtsi region is the border area of Ukraine. Its geographical position facilitated the migration of the local population to the neighboring European states for employment, which led to a decrease in the employment rate of the population in the economic complex of the Carpathian region, the Chernivtsi region and the country as a whole. Among the unemployed population in the region and the region, the employment service conducts relevant work on employment issues. But the vacant jobs offered are low paid. Therefore, the majority of the local population, being graduates, is often employed in the field of trade, young professionals with a higher education often can not work on a specialty for this reason. Therefore, Ukraine has adopted a pilot project ProZorro, one of the main tasks of which is to review the issues of employment of the population.
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