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Title: The first contribution on mycophilous fungi from Belarus
Authors: Arnold, Günter R.W.
Yurchenko, E.O.
Keywords: anamorphic
fungicolous Hypocreaceae
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Arnold, G.R.W. The first contribution on mycophilous fungi from Belarus / G.R.W. Arnold, E.O. Yurchenko // Mycena: An independent mycological journal. – 2007. – Vol. 7. – P. 4–19.
Abstract: Two species of zygomycetes, 9 ascomycetes and 11 anamorphic fungi with unknown theleomorph growing on decaying agarics, boletes, polyropes, and Stereum were collected in five sites in central Belarus in September 2004. Among Ascomycota seven species belong to the genus Hypomyces and its anamorphs. The mycophilous fungi are described and illustrated; the descriptions are based on pure cultures and common herbarium samples
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