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Title: Hyphoderma moniliforme and H. nemorale (Basidiomycota) newly recorded from China
Authors: Yurchenko, E.O.
Wu, S.H.
Keywords: corticioid fungi
wood-decay fungi
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Yurchenko, E. Hyphoderma moniliforme and H. nemorale (Basidiomycota) newly recorded from China / E. Yurchenko, S.H. Wu // Mycosphere : Journal of Fungal Biology. ‒ 2015. ‒ Vol. 6, No. 1. ‒ P. 113‒121.
Abstract: Hyphoderma moniliforme and H. nemorale, saprobically growing on wood, are recorded as new for mycobiota of China. Both species were collected in mountains at the altitudes of 1850‒3000 m, from Yunnan Province (southwestern China). Hyphoderma moniliforme is also a new record for Eurasia, and previously known only from South Africa. The collections of H. nemorale in this study represent the most eastern and the most southern localities for this species known for Eurasia. Both species bear moniliform cystidia. Bayesian inference of phylogeny based on ITS and partial 28S nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences indicated that H. moniliforme is united in one clade with H. litschaueri from North America. 28S-based phylogram demonstrated that Chinese H. nemorale belong to the same clade with the holotype of this species collected from Europe. Morphology descriptions and illustrations for these two species are provided.
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