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Title: Hyphodontia juniperi (Basidiomycota) newly recorded from China
Authors: Yurchenko, E.O.
Xiong, Hong-Xia
Wu, Sheng-Hua
Keywords: Corticiaceae s.I.
subulate cystidia
host range
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Yurchenko, E. Hyphodontia juniperi (Basidiomycota) newly recorded from China / E. Yurchenko, H.X. Xiong, S.H. Wu // Fungal Science (Taipei). – 2013. – Vol. 28, No. 1. – P. 45–53.
Abstract: Hyphodontia juniperi (Xylodon juniperi) was recorded for the first time for China in Jilin Province, Hebei Province, and in Beijing Municipality. General distribution of the species, its ecological and morphological differences from H.crustosa (Xylodon crustosus) are discussed. Bayesian reconstruction of phylogeny based on ITS1, 5.8S, and ITS2 nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences demonstrated that both H. crustosa and H. juniperi belong to a species complex, which requires richer molecular sampling for separation.
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