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Title: Annotated list of non-poroid Aphyllophorales of Belarus
Authors: Yurchenko, E.O.
Keywords: aphyllophoroid fungi
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Yurchenko, E.O. Annotated list of non-poroid Aphyllophorales of Belarus / E.O. Yurchenko // Mycotaxon: научный журнал. – 2003. – Vol. 86. – P. 37–66.
Abstract: A cumulative list of 281 species known from Belarus, with non-poroid hymenophores and belonging to the order Aphyllophorales, is presented. Data based on literature sources (since 1889) and on examined herbarium material (mostly MSK fungal collections, 1924, 1950-2002) are included. Each species is accompanied by brief information on nomenclature, about when it was first reported from Belarus, about distribution in physi­ographic regions of Belarus, pattern of nutrition and, in some cases, by re­marks on morphology. Thirty-seven species are reported for the first time from Belarus. Based on the study of the holotype of Athelia subtessulatavar. efibulata,this taxon is synonymized with Phanerochaete avellcmea.
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