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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992On the plasminogen-activating function of streptokinaseNikandrov, V.N.
1992Conformation ability test of human, rabbit and bovine plasminogens and their specific interaction with streptokinaseNikandrov, V.N.; Vorobyova, G.V.; Yankovskaya, G.S.; Demidchik, N.V.
1994The state of tryptophan-containing sites of human, bovine and rabbit plasminogens with changing solution pHsNikandrov, V.N.; Vorobyova, G.V.; Demidchik, N.V.
1996Effect of active oxygen species scavengers on fibrinolytic activity of some proteinasesPyzhova, N.S.; Nikandrov, V.N.; Nikandrov, N.N.
1993Mechanism of the cytolytic effect of streptolysin O: influence of scavengers of active forms of oxygen and complexones on erythrocyte hemolysisNikandrov, V.N.; Lapushkina, T.N.
1997Integration of human plasminogen or streptokinase into stable complexes with oxidoreductases and pyruvate kinaseNikandrov, V.N.; Murashko, O.N.; Vorobyova, G.V.; Pyzhova, N.S.; Kvyatkovskaya, N.V.; Bartalevich, O.A.
1994Структурная организация молекулы стрептокиназыНикандров, В.Н.
1999Структурно-функциональные особенности нейроспецифических адгезивных белков иммуноглобулинового семействаЖерносеков, Д.Д.
1993Age-related changes in expression of the neural cell adhesion molecule in skeletal muscle: a comparative study of newborn, adult and aged ratsAndersson, A.M.; Olsen, M.; Zhernosekov, D.; Gaardsvoll, H.; Krog, L.; Linnemann, D.; Bock, E.
1992Физико-химические свойства тромболитического препарата лонголитинаЦыманович, С.Г.; Никандров, В.Н.; Максимова, Р.А.; Шаркова, Т.С.; Андреенко, Г.В.; Серебрякова, Т.Н.